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Our mission

We create digital home inventories that protect and organize your personal property and apply them in ways you can use every day.

Low Entropy Spaces is dedicated to simplifying your life by transforming the way you manage and organize your personal belongings. Our goal is to make it effortless for you to stay on top of your items on a daily basis, not just when creating an inventory. We have designed a system that is meant to be utilized by customers every day. Keeping track of your purchases and decluttering is a breeze with our user-friendly and intuitive system, as we prioritize organization and simplicity.


How we got started

written by Kyle Bramon

My mom, the unstoppable force of nature, was cruising through life - walking the dog, keeping the house spotless, and zipping around town. But then, out of nowhere, illness struck. What seemed like a minor setback turned into a battle with pneumonia, landing her in the hospital for two long weeks. The slow road to recovery made us realize that her independent lifestyle might need some adjustments. Pneumonia really knocked the wind out of her sails.

Transitioning her to an assisted living facility became a viable option, prompting us to proactively plan for this change. We visited several facilities and started the initial steps to sell her house. Researching the necessary tasks before listing a house for sale, such as painting, improving curb appeal, finding a real estate agent, and decluttering, seemed relatively straightforward. However, the challenge lay in sorting through the accumulated items over the years - a mix of important and insignificant belongings, valuable items intertwined with those of little value. Additionally, there were forgotten possessions left behind by her children, stashed away in boxes in the attic.

Before diving into painting or landscaping, I decided it was important to tackle the clutter in her house first. So, I committed a whole weekend to decluttering. I optimistically believed that with my organizational skills, I could breeze through it in two days. Sorting items into piles, making trips to Goodwill, and tossing out unnecessary stuff seemed like a piece of cake. Little did I know, a reality check was just around the corner.

There seemed to be an endless sea of boxes packed away in the attic. If we were going to declutter the living areas of the house and prep it for listing, we would need every square foot of available storage space. Many of these boxes had been collecting dust, untouched for quite some time. The attic was starting to feel like an oven, so I opted to bring down a couple of boxes at a time and sift through their contents in the cooler confines of the garage.

Those boxes, along with the others I brought down, seemed to be filled with the same random stuff. Some items were familiar, a few were obvious candidates for the trash, and a whole bunch left me scratching my head - unsure of their significance, value, or who they belonged to. It was like a mystery box of forgotten items.I found myself bringing item after item inside to ask my mom about each one. I truly wished she could rest instead of answering all these questions, but I didn't know what else to do. Some items she recalled where they came from or who they belonged to, but many had been in the boxes for so long that she couldn't remember much about them either.

At the end of the day, I surveyed my progress with a mix of amusement and exhaustion. After sifting through 10 to 15 boxes, my mom's garage floor was now a chaotic display of items waiting to find their new homes. With one trash bag filled to the brim and a cardboard box halfway full for Goodwill, I couldn't help but feel like I was just scratching the surface. Reluctantly, I packed everything back into the boxes and lugged them back up to the attic, knowing that this process would soon repeat itself. Despite my frustration, I was determined to find a better way.

I decided to switch things up and skip the tedious cycle of unpacking and repacking boxes the following day. Instead, I dedicated my time to researching apps that could help streamline home organization. Understanding the importance of having an up-to-date list of all items in a home, especially for insurance purposes, prompted me to explore digital solutions. Realizing that my mom hadn't updated her home inventory in a long time, if ever, and that her current insurance information was quite vague, I delved into finding apps that could meet the requirements of major insurance companies for home inventory lists. As I compiled a list of essential features for a system to organize my mom's house, it became clear that a user-friendly, collaborative, photo-based solution was needed to ensure everyone's comfort and participation, even for those less tech-savvy.

I diligently searched for the perfect app to help create a home inventory list and manage all the items in my mom's house. We needed a user-friendly solution to effortlessly track everything, but it had to be simple to use. While I came across a few apps that partially met our needs, none were a perfect fit. I needed a customizable option that could accommodate all our organizational requirements. The realization that an app may not be the ideal solution dawned on me when I discovered the pricing structure of the one I had high hopes for. It required us to purchase the most expensive version, and each family member using it would have to pay a monthly or annual subscription indefinitely. The uncertainty surrounding the app's longevity raised concerns - what would happen if it suddenly shut down? Where would that leave us? Additionally, we still had to invest time in taking photos of everything in the house.

Therefore, we took the initiative to craft our own unique solution. We're thrilled with the current state of our inventory and organization system; it not only fulfills all our initial requirements but surpasses them in many ways. Our system is anchored in the robust capabilities of time-tested digital platforms: iPhone or Google Photos and spreadsheets. These platforms have stood the test of time, ensuring our system’s longevity and reliability. Spreadsheets empower us to organize, filter, chart, and color-code thousands of items, facilitating seamless collaboration within a highly secure framework. Meanwhile, the choice between iCloud or Google Photos for photo storage allows us to manage vast collections of dynamic images. We can organize these into an endless array of categories, providing instant access to replacement pricing and additional information for every listed item via the internet. This setup guarantees precise and swift search results within your photo library inventory, aided by the inclusion of detailed product descriptions in the metadata of each photo. This innovative approach has revolutionized the way home inventories can be managed, blending efficiency with thoroughness.

We are committed to staying ahead of the curve with the latest technological advancements to provide you with the most efficient organization solution available. As technology rapidly evolves, we actively seek out ways to simplify and streamline your processes, always looking for new opportunities to enhance your experience in managing your belongings. Rest assured, once you join our customer base, you will always be a valued member, and we will continue to introduce innovative ways to maximize the benefits of our system as it continues to evolve and expand.

My mother's health has seen a significant improvement, allowing her to confidently maintain her independence. While her daily routine has adjusted slightly, and she may not be as active as before, she is content and thriving. Embracing the inventory system we established has seamlessly become a regular part of her life. She finds joy in accessing all her belongings through her phone or iPad, enabling her to virtually explore the numbered boxes in her attic from the comfort of her chair. Reminiscing over the various knickknacks and homemade treasures she has collected over the years brings her immense happiness, now free from the physical clutter in her home. By setting up personalized albums to categorize and allocate items, decision-making has become a breeze for her. Whether she decides to keep, donate, or pass on something to her children, she can effortlessly drag and drop items into the appropriate album. This system has not only simplified the decluttering process but also allowed her to reduce the number of belongings without feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, by providing her insurance company with a comprehensive and accurate list of her personal items, she has discovered potential savings from having a previously vague inventory. This newfound clarity has brought her a sense of relief, knowing she has taken control of her belongings' future and avoided any potential conflicts among her children. With the house looking impeccable, she is now overseeing repairs and enhancements one step at a time, feeling fully prepared for whatever challenges may come her way.


Kyle Bramon, the visionary leader of Low Entropy Spaces, brings a dynamic blend of sales, customer service, and ownership expertise to his role. With a Business Administration degree from Columbia College, he has honed his skills in strategic management and innovation. Kyle's diverse professional background, including brokerage and sales, has equipped him with a keen eye for detail and a talent for building lasting client relationships. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, he founded Low Entropy Spaces to alleviate the stress of managing personal items through innovative solutions and exceptional service. Kyle's commitment to excellence and accountability ensures that Low Entropy Spaces delivers quality, transparency, and reliability, setting new standards in the personal item management industry. His dedication to client satisfaction and continuous improvement guides the company towards future growth and success.

Kyle Bramon- Low Entropy Spaces


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