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Our process for creating a digital inventory to protect and organize your assets.


Our initial step is to engage in a brief conversation to understand your specific needs and determine if we can assist you. If we are not the right match for you, we will make every effort to guide you in the right direction. Should we be a good fit, we will demonstrate how our system operates. Utilizing our unique item calculator, we will provide you with the most precise estimate available in the industry. Our goal is to equip you with all the necessary information to help you decide if our services align with your requirements. If we are indeed a perfect match, we will schedule an on-site photoshoot of your inventory, ensure you are well-versed in our process, and deliver an onboarding package to you via email.


One of our team members, whom you have already met through a video call or in person, will arrive at your home as scheduled. We will start with a brief overview of the photo shoot, ensuring that restricted areas are clearly marked. The rooms and areas will then be photographed in a planned and systematic order.


The majority of the project will come to life in our studio after the photo session. This will involve photo editing, designing a virtual storage system, and creating item descriptions. Your photos will be tailored to your preferences and organized into albums. Each item will have a detailed description and a unique item number assigned to it.

4. Onboarding and wrap-up

We will provide guidance on accessing, navigating, and sharing your inventory for collaboration, as well as demonstrate how to easily maintain an up-to-date inventory going forward. You can ask any questions, and we'll make sure you are completely satisfied. Lastly, we will  terminate access to  your inventory photos and information from our end, and remove all inventory data from our system.

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I don't really like having strangers in my home.
We have thought about this a lot and have come up with some ways to make you feel more comfortable about our presence in your home. The protocol we have now is as follows. Feel free to make suggestions or requests on what would make you comfortable, and we will do our best to incorporate them if possible.
  1. Team members have been thoroughly vetted and cleared of any reason that would prevent us from being comfortable with them in your home.
  2. It will be the same team member who conducts the photo shoot at your home as during the initial consultation. You won't have a stranger showing up at your house.
  3. A link to a bio of each team member that enters your home will be included in the onboarding package emailed to you.
  4. Our team members will wear a badge with a photo ID and a link to their bio on our website when they visit your home.
  5. Prior to the photo shoot, you receive a non-disclosure agreement.
  6. At your request, all team members can wear body cameras.
  7. During our visit, we encourage the use of security cameras.
  8. At all times, you and anyone you appoint are welcome to be in the same room with us.
  9. Your items are photographed only with company phones and iPads.
In addition, we will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure your comfort, provided they do not impede our ability to accomplish the task as efficiently as possible.
What if I don't want some items included in the inventory?

No problem at all. Our recommendation is to designate a closet, room, or area off limits while we take photos. Before we arrive, you can move any items to this restricted area. When we first arrive, we will walk through your home with you and clearly mark this space. Our team members will not be allowed to enter. We will also bring tape to clearly mark drawers and cabinets that you do not want us to open or photograph. The most important thing to us is your comfort and privacy.

How long do you need to be in my home?

The only purpose of our visit to your home will be to take photos of items. We always aim to take all photos in one day. The quantity of items will determine this. Most of the work building your system is done in our office later. We discuss the room order in which we should take photos prior to our visit. We won't need access to the whole house all day. We shouldn't need to go back in a room once we've taken all the photos. By knowing where we are going and the areas completed, you can have the most privacy possible. Whatever we can do to make our visit pleasant and unobtrusive, we'll do.