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Let us assist you in getting your items ready for sale. Whether you're gearing up for a garage or estate sale, or using  online platforms, our editing and sales prep process will ensure your items are showcased for optimal result

Here's a list of features highlighting our sales prep service benefits:

Comprehensive home inventory

  • Detailed organization of personal items with digital photos and descriptions, facilitating efficient sale preparation.

Optimal presentation

  • Ensuring items are showcased in the best possible light for online platforms or sales events.

Image editing

  • Professional adjustments for clarity, color, and appeal, tailored to meet the specifications of major online platforms.

Maximum exposure

  • Enhanced photos to attract potential buyers, with background removal and modern templates for eye-catching listings.

Versatile formats

  • Photos ready for export in JPEG, PNG, & TIFF formats to suit various online platforms.

Organized sales planning

  • Custom folders for easy item organization, maximizing profit potential during garage or estate sales.

Detailed item descriptions

  • Collection of vital measurements, brand, model, size, material, and serial numbers, providing buyers with comprehensive information.

Pricing guidance

  • Utilization of Google Lens for fast market price assessments, integrating a condition rating system for accurate pricing aligned with replacement cost.

Streamlined process

  • Efficient photo shoots and inventory management, minimizing sale preparation time and effort.

Informed decision making

  • Empowering buyers with all details for informed purchases, enhancing trust and satisfaction.

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Let's chat! Schedule a quick virtual meeting to dive into how we can help get your garage or estate sale ready, or level up your online sales game.