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Here's a list of ways people can use your digital inventory to help them shop:

Bring your and your family's wardrobe shopping with you

  • Scroll through shirts, pants, and shoes on your phone to quickly pinpoint what you need.
  • Utilize inventory photos to double-check your family members' clothing sizes and ensure you're buying the right fit.
  • Check out the brands that your family enjoys and prefers before making a purchase.

Browse by item categories

  • Browse through your belongings sorted by categories like clothing, tools, jewelry, appliances, and more. It's like having access to all your home drawers and cabinets while you're out shopping.

Search by keywords and #hashtags

  • Effortlessly locate items by name, item number, sub-category, keyword, or description with the help of our detailed descriptions integrated within our photos, making item search a breeze.

Match décor styles 

  • Reference inventory images to match existing furniture, decor, or paint colors when shopping for complementary items.

  • Use inventory photos to compare fabric textures or patterns for coordinating decor items.

Make informed appliance purchases

  • Easily identify the make and model of appliances in the inventory to ensure compatibility when replacing or upgrading.

Find the best deals

  • Explore the price and purchase details of your favorite, well-loved blue denim jacket, including its purchase location.
  • Utilize features like Google Lens to identify clothing brands and styles for easier online or in-store shopping.
  • Easily compare prices for similar items across different retailers and online platforms to make sure you're getting the best deal when looking for a replacement.

Buy great gifts

  • Refer to the inventory to avoid buying duplicate gifts for family or friends.

  • Use images of recipients' belongings to find similar or complementary items as gifts.

Check electronics compatibility

  • Check inventory photos for existing cables, connectors, or accessories to ensure compatibility when purchasing new electronics.

Make inspired fashion purchases

  • Use inventory photos to create outfit combinations and get inspiration for styling existing clothing items.

  • Identify gaps in the wardrobe by reviewing clothing inventory and make more informed shopping decisions.

Get assistance with home maintenance

  • Refer to the inventory to identify specific tools or supplies needed for home maintenance tasks.

  • Keep track of consumable items like light bulbs or batteries to ensure they are always stocked.

Organize DIY projects

  • Use inventory photos to gather materials and supplies for crafting or DIY projects.

  • Organize hobby-related items in the inventory for easier access and inventory management.

Track health and beauty products

  • Keep track of skincare, makeup, or grooming products in the inventory to avoid purchasing duplicates.

  • Utilize inventory photos to compare product labels or packaging for easier identification

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